Exercise for Advanced

            As an advanced student of mediumship it is important to find different ways to maximise, enrich and enhance the energy (fuel) in which we work. One of the ways we can do this is by allowing the communicator to talk about or express something they are or were when on the earth plane, passionate about i.e. their job, family, sport or indeed hobby. 

The following exercise is suited for a one to one exercise. 

            Once you have decided who is going first, the student who is working, take time to prepare and attune yourself to the spirit world. During this time I would like the student to send out the thoughts to the spirit world that as an individual steps forward from the spirit world they express in depth something they are passionate about. 

            Therefore the format of the sitting will be no more than the medium expressing very little about the communicator other than male or female, young or old, family or none family, followed by the majority of the sitting with information on the activity of that, the communicator was passionate about. 

            When through this information and only this information the recipient understands who the communicator is, then the medium can give the message (reason for coming) and then bring it to an end. After which the students can change roles and repeat the exercise. 

            The student working is looking for the passion of the communicator to fuel and enhance the mediumship. After both students have worked, you can discuss your findings. Both students should work for approximately 20 minutes.