Exercise for Advanced



This exercise is suitable for group sessions. Decide between yourselves who will go first. The student will proceed by establishing a link with an individual in the spirit world and giving off the information.

             Once the medium has established a recipient and the recipient is comfortable they know who the communicator is, I would like the medium to ask the communicator to step to one side, at this point inviting a second communicator from the spirit world to step forwards. 

            Within the medium’s mind they must accept that the second communicator will have no connection to the first communicator and indeed be for a different recipient and proceed to give evidence and information relating to the second communicator.

             When the medium has a recipient who is comfortable that they know who the communicator is, the medium can ask the second communicator to step back and for the first communicator once again to step forwards. The medium at this point, turning their focus to the first recipient giving 1 or 2 more pieces of evidence followed by a message (reason for coming) and bring this first message to an end inviting the first communicator to withdraw and return by to the spirit world, at the same time inviting the second communicator to step forwards. 

            At this point the medium takes his or her attention to the remaining recipient, giving 1 or 2 pieces of evidence which will re-establish the link with the second communicator followed by the message (reason for coming) and bring both the message and the exercise to a close. 

            This exercise should take approximately 10 minutes, after which discuss your findings with the group.

            The key to this exercise is whilst the medium is in the company of two communicators, it is important that the medium keeps both communicators separate at all times during the duration of the exercise