Third Exercise

Tips and Exercises

Tips and exercises for students of all levels to bring about a greater and closer link between yourself and the world of spirit. You will need to enhance your sensitivity, awareness and the clarity of your energy; and be able to sustain these abilities throughout your link with spirit.

One of the most successful ways to bring this about is through sitting in the power, on a regular basis. Find your self a quiet time and space through the day on a daily basis, preferable the same time each day. Allow yourself to be physically still and mentally passive. Imagine within your minds eye that you are sitting within a beautiful bubble. Accepting that mother nature has a natural beautiful and powerful energy, which is flowing through mother earth continually, therefore through the foundations of the building you are sitting in.

Accept that the energy is flowing through the underside of your feet and up into and through your body, if you can feel the movement of energy wonderful. If you cannot simply accept that you are at one with the energy. Knowing that this energy of Mother Nature is moving through the body, through the legs, and the torso filling the chest into the shoulders, arms and hands through the throat and into the head space, and flowing out of the top of the head like a beautiful fountain. At no time will the energy moving through the body become uncomfortable, for it is a natural energy.

As this energy pours through the top of your head it fills the bubble that you are sitting in, allowing yourself to become completely submerged and at one within the energy. Simply allowing yourself to be, allowing the physical body to be still and the mind to be passive.

After approximately 15 minutes accepting that the exercise has come to an end, and beginning to become aware of your physical body and your surroundings and you will find that you will naturally return to your everyday consciousness, this practice should be repeated on a daily basis and after several weeks you can begin to increase the length of time you sit, and invite the world of spirit into the bubble with you. This will enhance both your energy and your awareness of spirit.

The bubble symbolizes your Auric field, the energy of mother nature symbolizes the fuel for the exercise. it is within your Auric field where your sensitivity and awareness of spirit is activated. Enjoy the exercise and remember at all times you are in control.

From time to time Tim Will introduce new exercises.

Follow Up

I hope you found the sitting in the power exercise of benefit, and i recommend that you continue to sit in the power as regular as possible because of its benefits. One- Building the clarity of energy, Two- Sustaining the energy for longer periods of time.

The next exercise i wish to deal with is that of strengthening Clairsentience, clairvoyance and Clairaudience. For those of you who are not familiar with these terms. Clairsentience simply means to sense spirit. Clairvoyance to clearly see spirit. Clairaudience to clearly hear spirit. you note I have said spirit and not the spirit world.

These senses are used both when working “psychically” and “mediumistically”. It is important to understand when the world of spirit communicate they don’t show you pictures, i.e. clairvoyance or verbalise information i.e. clairevolience.

When the world of spirit communicate they make there presence known and relay information through the movement of energy that spiritual energy has an effect through its presents on our energy . i.e. the Auric field. We then interpret that energy and presents, through the facilities of our mind by either seeing it (clairvoyance) sensing (Clairsentience) or hearing it (Clairaudience) So it is a matter of training ones mind in how you interpret incoming information ideally all 3 senses equally.