Exercise for Advanced


If the spirit world can express their intelligence then surely the spirit world can express their emotions. Emotions on their own are not evidential, but if they come with the reason behind the emotion they can become evidence.

This exercise is suitable for either platform work or a one to one sitting.

Put yourselves into pairs and decided between yourselves who will be the medium first and who will be the medium second. I would like the medium to proceed to give the recipient a sitting. When and only when the recipient understands who the communicator is I would like the medium to ask the communicator to express an emotion relating to something the communicator has observed from the spirit world within their family on the earth plane.

Allow your mind to be still thus allowing yourself to submerge within the emotion. This will allow the energy of the emotion to be expressed through your mediumship to your recipient to the point where your recipient will feel the emotion.

The medium at this point must verbalise to their client what emotion they are feeling. The client at this point, if they wish to, can express if they can feel the emotion. Then I would like the medium to ask the communicator to give them some evidence behind the emotion such as some factual information as to why they are expressing that emotion, which will allow the emotion supported by the information to bring about evidence, then follow this with a message (reason for coming).

Then bring the sitting or demonstration to an end. After which I would like both medium and recipient to discuss the affect the emotion had upon the mediumship.

Did it empower the mediumship?

Take away from the mediumship?

Was the medium comfortable within the energy of emotion?

After which both students can change roles and repeat the exercise. I would suggest approximately 20 minutes for each exercise.