Exercise for Advanced

            It is important during the act of mediumship that we encourage ourselves to be factual with the statements we offer up to the recipient. So the following exercise will encourage students to be more factual within their work.

This exercise is suitable for group work.

Place the chairs in 2 circles, an inner circle and an outer circle with the chairs facing each other so the inner circle is facing the outer circle and vice-versa, positioned for one to one sittings but to form a circle. Whilst being in one large circle, you are working in pairs. Those students on the inner circle will be the mediums first.

The mediums goal is not to give a structured sitting to their recipient but instead, to prove the person you have with you from the spirit world in as fewer statements as possible. This requires the medium to be full, clear, concise and factual with their statements.

The medium is allowed to express no more than 6 statements. During this sitting it is the recipient’s job to verbalise to the medium how many statements the medium has made at any given time, remembering that the medium has a limit of 6 statements.

Once the medium has exhausted the 6 statements he/she must stop working, immaterial of if the recipient knows who the communicator is or not, however, once the recipient knows who the communicator is, be it after one statement or 6, the recipient must raise their hand in the air indicating that they know who the communicator is.

At this point, all verbalisation between the medium and the recipient must cease. This process must take a maximum of 5 minutes. As soon as the 5 minutes has lapsed, the mediums seated on the inner circle must all stand and move to the neighbouring chair clockwise whilst the students on the outer circle stay seated as they were. The mediums, now finding themselves in a new chair facing a new recipient must repeat the exercise remembering no more than 6 statements, no more than 5 minutes, equally remembering the recipient’s job to verbalise the number of statements and to raise their hands when they know who the communicator is.

This exercise must be repeated 4 times, after which the recipients and mediums change roles and repeat.

The exercise will encourage students to be more precise and full in their individual statements that they offer up to their clients.