Exercise for Advanced

It is important that we accept that when the spirit communicator is interacting with the medium and expressing information, that they are communicating through their own intelligence. Therefore, logic tells us there would not be one worded statements, for example the medium expressing the information as follows; you could take the name JOHN, you would understand the connection with BIRMINGHAM, and you would understand a CARPENTER. When in fact what the spirit communicator has relayed to the medium is, my name is john, I lived in Birmingham and I was a carpenter.

Evidence is an expression of the intelligence of spirit, therefore as the first example shows, random one worded statements at best can only be information yet when a statement expressed by the medium that gives information supported by further information that tells a full story and can be accepted by the recipient equals evidence.

The following exercises will encourage the medium during the act of mediumship to be aware of where there is depth within a statement from the spirit world, for example, evidence.

Put yourselves into groups of three. Every member of the group in turn will have a turn of being the medium, so at any given time you will have a medium, a recipient, and an observer. When the medium is working, he or she has the option of going direct to a recipient to establish who indeed is the recipient and who is the observer or the medium can put the evidence out to both people in the group and very quickly through the information and evidence, it will become apparent who is the recipient and therefore who is the observer.

Now the observers job is a very important part of the exercise, it is the observers job whilst the medium is working through their own mediumship and sensitivity, to observe the energy of the medium to establish where the medium can go back into the energy of a statement they have just made to enrich the statement i.e. turning a statement from information into evidence.

I would like the observer in any given exercise to advise the medium to go back into the information of a statement they have just made with a goal to enrich it no more than three times throughout the duration of the exercise and only after the recipient has said yes to the initial statement, for example, if a medium was to express to a recipient “your father’s making me aware he passed with a chest condition” and the recipient replied yes to this statement.

As an observer, as long as the energy within the exercise was good enough with the medium to go back to enrich that statement I would ask them to do so, for example, when the medium takes their awareness back to the information the probability is they will become aware of what type of chest condition father died of, i.e. heart attack, lung disease, pneumonia.

On expressing the information for a second time, yet now with depth of information, the medium turns the information into evidence.

I would suggest each sitting take approximately 15-20 minutes. After each sitting I would like the group of three to discuss the mechanics of the individual sitting, how difficult or natural was it for the medium to go back into the energy to gather even more information and how on doing so it enriched the recipient’s sitting?

At no time during this exercise should the observer direct the medium to go back looking for specific information but instead, a simple phrase such as “Can you go back into that previous information within mind to enrich it?” would be sufficient.

Repeat exercise so every individual with the group can experience being the medium.