Exercise for Advanced

It is important at all times when a student is working that they are both managing and in control of his or her energy and in control and managing the interaction and relationship with the spirit world.

            The following exercise will help to bring this about. This is an exercise suitable for both one to one sittings and platform work.

            After attuning themselves the student can take to the platform and proceed to present his or her mediumship in the form of a demonstration just giving one message.

             Once the medium has a recipient and established the continuity of life i.e. the recipient knows who the medium has from the spirit world, I would like the student to ask the communicator to go back to the spirit world and to bring back with them to the company a second communicator of which the same recipient would understand.

             Once the medium becomes aware now of both communicators I would like the medium to ask the first communicator to step back (yet not to go back to the spirit world but to just step back to the perimeter of the medium’s awareness) and at this point I would like the medium to focus solely on the second communicator. Once the second communicator has been established and accepted by the recipient, I would like the medium to invite the second communicator to step away and indeed to return to the spirit world.

            At this point the medium would invite the first communicator to step forward again, where by in the company of the first communicator, the medium with offer up the message (reason for coming) to the recipient and bring it to an end.