First Exercise

Assistance from a loved one

The following excercise is suitable for those students who are just beginning to link with spirit.

This excercise takes the format of a one-to-one sitting.

Firstly the student focuses on preparation and atunement. If the student accepts that they are standing within their own energy during the process of preparation and atunement their energy becomes expanded, which in turn allows the sensitivity to be heightened and their awareness to be activated.

When the student is comfortable that their mediumship has been activated i would like the student to invite from the spirit world one of their own loved ones (this will need to be a loved one that the student would be comfortable with and will not become overly emotional with their precence).

For a minute or two the student working through their mediumship can familiarise and enjoy the company of their loved one. This part of the excercise will remind the student how natural, relaxed and enjoyable having the company of spirit can be. At this point the student working will voice to the recipient which one of their loved ones they have the company of, Then the student working will invite their loved one to return back to the spirit world to collect a loved one for the recipient. on the return of both communicators the student working will invite their loved one to withdraw, leaving the opportunity to work and interact with the loved one of the recipient in the same relaxed and enjoyable manner that they interacted with their own loved one.

At this point the student working can perceed with the one-to-one sitting. The aim of this excercise is to be as comfortable as possible within the act of mediumship, which will allow the medium to focus on aspects such as evidence, precence of spirit and stucture within the one-to-one sitting.