Exercise for Beginners

The following exercise has been designed to heighten your sensitivity and awareness and to be able to recognise shifts and changes within the energy which will be perceived through your sensitivity and acknowledged through your awareness.

This exercise is suitable for pairs or groups of up to approximately 6 students. You will need a blind fold, preferably the type of blind fold used by people on planes for sleeping. You will also require 4 natural objects, for example, a crystal approximately the size of a fist, a flower preferably in bloom, an apple and a potato (a fruit and a vegetable).

Clear a table and place the 4 objects in a row on the table about 6 inches apart from each other. Between yourselves decid which student is going to work first (chairs can be used if required).

Blindfold the student who is working and then nominate a spokesperson within the group, the spokesperson will need to stand or sit on the opposite side of the table of which the student is working.

Firstly allow the student who is working a minute to settle themselves down both mentally and physically which will bring about the desired effect of heightening the senses. After which the spokesperson will take hold of 1 of the working student’s hands and place it over the first of the 4 objects on the table leaving a gap between the hand and the object of about 3-4 inches.

The spokesperson will make the simple statement “your hand is above……….” Stating what object is beneath, giving the student approximately a minute to become aware of the energy emanating from the object.

After which, the student will verbalise how the energy feels or affects them. This process will be repeated with each object on the table. The spokesperson can direct the student to move their hand away from the table and relax, followed by the spokesperson removing 1 of the objects from the table, ensuring that the student is unaware of which object has been removed (it is important that the object is moved a far distance away from the table).

After a further minute the spokesperson once again will take hold and control of the students hand. Placing the students hand once again over the first object, the spokesperson will simply say “this is where the crystal is or was” giving the student a minute to attune themselves once again to the energy of the object or not as the case may be.

This will be repeated 4 times covering the 3 remaining objects and including the space of where 1 object has been removed. The goal of the exercise is for the student who is working to voice where he or she senses the energy has diminished (which object has been removed).

This exercise can be repeated according to how many students are in the group. It is important for the student to remain blindfolded throughout the duration of the exercise.