Exercise for Beginners

I have the greatest respect for those people who chose only to work on the psychic level i.e. psychics. However it is important for those students of mediumship to know when they are working indeed on the psychic level or mediumistical with the spirit world, i.e. discarnate spirit.

            Spiritual science tells us that if you are working either psychically or mediumistically that you are working with spiritual energy, however the frequency of both energies are moving at a different pace, therefore the way psychic energy would affect your sensitivity when working and perceiving it would be different to mediumistical discarnate energy.

            The following exercise is designed to highlight for the student the difference. This exercise is suited for one-to-one sittings. I would suggest that the sitting lasts for approximately 15 minutes, during which the student should have established a close blend with the communicator and that is to say that the recipient knows who the communicator is.

            As the student working delivers a statement from the spirit communicator of which the recipient can accept, I would like the student to pause, not looking for any more evidence yet holding on to the company of the spirit communicator.

             At this point the student working should explore how they feel. This process should take approximately 30 seconds, then return to the sitting and the practice of mediumship.

            After approximately 2 minutes I would like the student to take their focus away from the spirit communicator and to the recipient’s auric field, become aware of a colour and relay to the recipient what the colour says about the recipient’s character (psychic character reading).

             During this process, the student should once again pause, not looking for any more information yet still being in the company of the spiritual energy (auric field) of the recipient and explore how you feel, and compare your energy when working psychically as opposed to mediumistically. If there is time I would recommend that you repeat this process 2 or 3 times during the one sitting.

            Finishing the sitting with a message (reason for coming) from the spirit communicator.

            After the sitting is completed, discuss your findings with your fellow student and compare the experiences on both the psychic and mediumistical levels, and then change roles.