Exercise for Beginners

The following exercise is best practiced in pairs. Decide between the 2 students which one of you will work first.
The student working first, like with any exercise will need to give themselves time to settle down accepting that within this period of settling down that their sensitivity will become heightened.
The student working will take their awareness to their fellow student, accepting in their mind that whilst doing this they will perceive the auric field of their fellow student (accepting that you may see, hear or sense your partner’s auric field). On doing so you will become aware of the energy within your partners auric field.
Part of how you will perceive the energy will be as colour. I would like you to focus on 1 particular colour, remembering that this colour is part of your partner’s presence. I would like you to verbalise a character reading to your partner based around that 1 colour.
The aspects of your partner I would like you to cover are their mental state, physical state, emotional and spiritual state, so, for example, if you are feeling from your partner the colour red, cover what the colour red says about your partner’s mental state, followed by their physical state followed by their emotional and finally spiritual state.
Do try and cover all 4 aspects from one colour. The exercise should take approximately 15 minutes and on completion you can discuss your findings with your partner and then change roles.
The benefits of this exercise is that you are encouraging depth within your statements which will further on in your development encourage depth within your mediumship.