Exercise for Beginners


It is important when working with an individual from the spirit world that the student interacts with the communicator (like within any relationship or interaction between 2 people when both have an input the relationship or interaction is enriched).

The following exercise is suitable to be carried out in pairs (one-to-one sitting). As always the student who is working first must give themselves time to settle down which will allow their sensitivity to become heightened and will allow them to attune to the spirit world.

Invite an individual from the spirit world to join you. On achieving the company of an individual from the spirit world, describe the individual to your recipient, then invite the spirit communicator to give you some information about themselves (remember you may see, hear or feel this information).

After the communicator has expressed this further information about themselves, through the power of their mind, ask a question to the communicator based on what they have just expressed to you (encouraging the communicator to give you more depth on the intial statement they had made).

Remember, you will perceive the answer from your communicator through either seeing, hearing or feeling. For example, Grandad from the spirit world expresses to the student that they died of a chest condition. The student may, through the power of their mediumship ask Grandad what type of chest condition it was i.e. heart, lungs or possibly even cancer.

The student will then allow their mind to be still, which will then allow them to perceive the answer offered from Grandad in the spirit world. The student will then verbalise the statement or story from Grandad to the recipient in its fullest sense.

I would suggest that the student tries this question and answer approach with the spirit communicator at least twice during the one-to-one sitting which should take approximately 10-15 minutes.

After the sitting is complete both students can discuss their findings and then change roles and repeat the exercise.

Remember this exercise is not geared around evidence but around the relationship and interaction the student has with the spirit communicator.