Exercise for Beginners

The following exercise is designed to enhance the student’s sensitivity and awareness. 

            It is important that this exercise does not take on the form of a competition where by one student is out scoring another, but the student is encouraged simply to express that of what they experience.

              This exercise can be undertaken by groups of 2 or more students. You will require a blindfold and 5 plain pieces of A4 paper. Each piece of paper should be of a different colour. For many years mediums have been aware that colour emits energy, each colour vibrating at a different frequency, therefore different colours will affect people in different ways.

             Decide who is going first. Beyond the student who is working, you will require a spokesperson. After the student who is working has been blindfolded, they must take time (approximately 1 minute) to settle themselves down both physically and mentally. This will allow the sensitivity to become heightened. 

            At this point, the spokesperson will place one of the A4 sheets of paper in the student’s hands and the spokesperson will encourage the student to feel the energy that is being emitted through the colour of the paper.

             The student will then, without announcing the colour they believe the paper to be, describe the experience, sensations and awareness they have of the paper. 

            After approximately a minute of expressing their findings they can then announce the colour that they believe the paper to be. This process can be repeated as many times as required, each time with a different colour of paper. 

            Do remember, however, like all the exercises in this book, this is not a competition. It is simply a fun approach to heightening both your sensitivity and awareness.

            If this exercise becomes very successful, you can replace the coloured paper with pictures. The objective being that the student who is blindfolded, picks up through their sensitivity, details of the picture.