Exercise for Beginners

If we look at a story within a newspaper, an email sent through a computer and a handwritten letter, they will all have a structure- a beginning, a middle and an end. Any form of mediumship be it from the platform or of a one-to-one nature is best expressed with structure (format), and when it does hold a structure, it gives it value, simply through presentation. Throughout my years of development different tutors would show me different structures of how to deliver a message, some of which were very complicated.
There should be nothing complicated about mediumship. The following exercise is designed to give a simple and natural yet structured format to the delivery of your mediumship. This exercise can take the format of either a one-to-one sitting or delivered through platform work. If we look at the one-to-one sitting, based on a 15 minute sitting, the student who is working first will structure the sitting as follows.
After completing the exercise discuss your findings and change roles. I would suggest that as part of your development you carry out this exercise approximately 6 times over the period of a few weeks which will allow you to take on board the format suggested, after which I would suggest you discard the hand-out and allow the format to be expressed naturally.

Messages Made Natural

To allow the interaction between the medium and the spirit world to become more natural we should allow the communicator to relay information they wish to express rather than that which the medium demands.

1. Introduce the spirit communicator (Male or female)
2. Give evidence relating to a pastime, hobby or lifestyle that the communicator was passionate or dedicated to, occasionally including further information personal to the communicator (plus any additional evidence that the spirit world wish to express)
3. Allow the evidence to inspire you with the reason for coming (The message)
4. How the communicator, not the medium wishes to bring the communication to a close (Goodbye)

As a medium when working with a natural structure to your message, you will find it easier for both the world of spirit, you, and the recipient to understand the information being relayed by the communicator.
The above is a hand-out I use within my own courses, I would recommend that the student has a copy of it to hand whilst working if they need it to refer to.