Exercise for Intermediate


It is important that during the act of mediumship that the medium expresses both the evidence and indeed the presence of spirit to the communicator (what I mean by the presence of spirit is that the recipient cannot only accept the factual evidence but can also feel the company of their loved one from the spirit world through the mediumship of the student that is working).

The following exercise is designed to bring this about. It is best suited as a one-to-one exercise but can be expressed from the platform or indeed a group environment.

Put yourselves into pairs and decide who is working first. The student who is working first should prepare themselves to work and establish a link with an individual from the spirit world- somebody who is connected to the recipient.

Spend 5 minutes giving evidence from the individual from the spirit world. After which, I would like the student who is working to stop looking for further evidence, sit in the quiet with the company of the spirit communicator, inviting the spirit communicator to draw ever closer, with the purpose of allowing the communicator to be in the company of their loved one i.e. the recipient for no other purpose than the beauty of being in the loved ones company.

Immediately before going into the quiet, the student who is working must announce to their recipient what they are about to do and what their intentions are. After 2 minutes of sitting in the quiet and allowing your recipient to have the company of their loved one, then begin to interact with the communicator once again with the goal of giving the message (reason for coming) and then bring the sitting to a close.

After which, the student should invite the recipient to voice what he or she felt- did they feel the company of their loved one or not?  Then, change roles and repeat the exercise.