Exercise for Intermediate


This exercise is designed with remote viewing in mind. Remote viewing is a form of mediumship where by the medium will move his or her awareness through a chosen location of importance offered up by the communicator from the spirit world. For example, the communicator may show you his home and the medium may first become aware of the living room and through the student’s awareness the medium will journey from the living room to the next room and can indeed mediumistically journey through the whole of the house describing to the recipient what they see and are aware of and indeed the layout of the house as they journey through it. 

            This exercise is suitable for both the platform and as a one-to-one sitting. 

            Decide who is going first and give the student who is about to work time to attune themselves to the exercise ahead. I would like the student to invite and become aware of the company of an individual from the spirit world, an individual that connects in one form or another to someone else in the group.

             Begin to verbalise what you are aware of (male/female, loose description, how the communicator is related to the recipient) until you have a recipient who understands who the communicator is. This part of the exercise should take approximately 5 minutes. 

            After this, through the power of your mind, the student who is working will ask the communicator to show them a location of importance. Once the student becomes aware of the location I would like them to take their awareness and journey through the location, verbalising their experience to the recipient as they do so. As long as the recipient understands the location, the student can then go on to giving the reason for coming (the message) from the communicator. And then bring the sitting to an end. Discuss your findings and change roles.

            It is important that the student has in mind at all times whilst working that the location offered up from the spirit communicator is the communicator’s choice and not the students. I would recommend you practice this exercise both as a one-to-one sitting and from the platform. 

            If you are comfortable with this exercise, repeat, however, on the second run through, ask the communicator to give you two locations of importance. With your awareness, journey through and describe the first location and then, through the power of your mediumship, journey whilst describing the journey to your recipient, from the first location to the second location. Then, journey through and describe the second location.