Exercise for Intermediate

It is important as an intermediate student of mediumship that you begin to interact with those you are communicating with in the spirit world whilst expressing your mediumship (remember the spirit world is a world of intelligence). The following exercise is designed for this very purpose.

Decide as a group which student will work first. The student who is working first is to prepare themselves and establish a link with an individual from the spirit world- an individual who is connected to one of the fellow students of the group.

Continue the exercise and establish your recipient to the point where your recipient understands who the communicator is. From this point on, when the student working feels that the depth of evidence and their mediumship will benefit by asking the communicator a question, they must do that very thing.

However, each time they wish to ask a question to the communicator, they must first verbalise to their recipient that they are going to ask a question, For example, lets suggest it is grandfather who is the communicator and grandfather is expressing that he was a builder (the word builder is a general statement). The student will express the information about the building work to the recipient as long as the recipient can accept and understand the statement, the student is to verbalise to the recipient that they are going to take their awareness back to grandfather and ask grandfather to be more specific about the nature of his work.

After the student has received more depth of information on the work, i.e. nature of work – plumber, carpenter, he or she can relay this to the recipient.

I would suggest that this is done no more than twice within the one exercise.

After you have completed the exercise, as a group, compare notes and change roles as necessary.