Exercise for Intermediate

Remembering that the spirit world is a world of intelligence, there are times when a spirit communicator will express their presence through emotions. This can sometimes be challenging for students, however information such as emotion, is nothing more than spiritual energy, and if as a student you can have this approach to emotions, they will only add and bring depth to your mediumship.

             The following exercise is designed with emotions in mind, ideal from the platform or as a one-to-one sitting exercise.

            As a platform exercise, the individual working must prepare themselves and establish a link with an individual from the spirit world, verbalise their findings and establish a recipient.

            Once your recipient is comfortable that they know who the communicator is, I would like the student to invite the communicator to express some evidence and emotions referring to something that has happened within the family of the recipient since the communicator has gone to the spirit world.

            Firstly, this will simply be expressed as an emotion. The student working must express the emotion to the recipient. The emotion must be immediately followed by factual information from the communicator about the incident, memory or event within the recipient’s family to support the initial emotions.

             As long as the recipient can understand both the emotions and the factual information supporting the emotions, the student who is working can bring the mediumship to a close and discuss their findings.

 If at any time the student finds the emotions overpowering, simply, through the power of your mind, detach yourself from the emotions yet still express them. Remember you are in control of the energy, the energy is not in control of you.