November 2018

Tuesday 1st November – Sunday 4th November


For more details contact Alexandra 004369910973599


Friday 16th November – Monday 19th November


Ariom Academy
Sjögestabro Fridhem
590 48 Vikingstad


Thursday 22nd November – Monday 26th November

Mediumship Expressing The Evidence And Intelligence Of Spirit.

Switzerland – New venue and school for me – Silver Cord

Throughout this weekend Tim will present different exercises and challenges to the students, where we will be looking at how to present the personality the intelligence and the evidence that spirit offer up to us. Together let us look at how we can bring more depth and quality into our mediumship. Each individual in the spirit world is has many facets with a personality and intelligence and a story to tell and as mediums it is our job to present these quality’s to the best of our ability. Come and let Tim guide you through this weekend and together lets Raise The Standards of your Mediumship.


Friday 29th November – Thursday 6th December


Sheila French & Tim Abbott

With this course we hope to give you a new and different perspective on your work as a medium.  A private sitting should always be focused on the needs of a client.  We will look at sittings given when a client asks for a specific communicator, when healing is incorporated into a sitting, the empathetic or support sitting, when there is a need for the psychic and the mediumistic to be used within the sitting.  The modern client comes with modern needs,  come and explore the skills necessary to be able to meet these needs.

‘ Seastones’

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Folkestone, Kent. UK.

CT20 2NS

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