Friday 3rd March – Monday 6th March


Tim Abbott & Shelia French

In many schools of thought it is recognized that there are 3 main senses (seeing, hearing & feeling), when in fact there are many more available to you which can be harnessed and used within the practice of mediumship. Together we will be looking at how you can maximise your senses. Let us look at Clairallience, Clairgustience and Clairknowing and many more. Through different exercises we will bring a greater depth to your sensitivity and awareness which can be expressed through your mediumship.

This course is suitable for all levels of ability.

This course is very relevent for the Ershamstar Diploma Scheme

‘ Seastones’

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Monday 6th March – Thursday 9th March

Shelia French & Tim Abbott

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Friday 17th March – Monday 20th March


Practical weekend for intermediate and advanced students, focusing on evidential Mediumship.

Friday 24th March – Monday 27th March


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Friday 31st March – Sunday 3rd April

The value and Importance of Meditation with your Mediumship


During this weekend we will be looking at the different types of meditations that we work with within our mediumship, Relaxation, Contemplation, Meditation & Sitting in the power. You will be designing your own meditation to meet & enrich your mediumistical needs and we will be looking at how we can resolve challenges we may have with our mediumship through the power of meditation.

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