Exercise for Beginners

Within any act of mediumship we must accept that there will be on one degree or another a relationship (working partnership) between both the medium and the guide who is assisting the medium and of course to one degree or another, some interaction between the medium and the individual communicating from the spirit world.

            Within this exercise we will look at the relationship between the guide and the medium.

            The following exercise is suitable for a one-to-one environment. Put yourselves into pairs and decide between you who is going to work first. As always it is important that the student who is working first gives him or herself time to activate and attune their mediumship. This can be best brought about firstly by the student having the intention that mediumship is about to take place (this mental approach will usually activate the mediumship), and secondly, allowing the mind to be passive which will have the effect of heightening the sensitivity.

             I would like the student to take his or her awareness to the recipients auric field, remembering the energy, ingredients and the make-up of the auric field comprises of energy emanating from the individuals mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states, keeping in mind that healing is about to take place.

             The goal of the student is to define which aspect of the recipient would best benefit from healing. Allow yourself to become aware of the different aspects of the auric field, and in your opinion, which would benefit from healing. Once this has been established I would like the student to direct his or her attention to their own guide, inviting the guide to proceed with healing for the recipient.

             However, the student at this point can direct the guide as to which level (mental, physical, emotional or spiritual) they wish the healing to be directed to. I accept that usually the medium would allow the guide to direct to where the healing needs to be given, but I ask you to remember this exercise is to re-enforce the working relationship between medium and guide.

            Allow the healing to take place. It may be suitable at this point for some healing background music to be playing. Allow the healing to last approximately ten minutes, after which the medium can invite the guide to bring the healing to an end and for the guide to withdraw and bring the exercise to a close.

            After which,  the student can invite the recipient to verbalise on which level they felt they were receiving healing and compare notes. Afterwards, they can change roles.

             Please remember it may be necessary that the recipient receives healing on more than just one level.