March 2023

Saturday 4th March – Saturday 11th March

The Complete Trance Medium With Libby Clark

Newcomers, Intermediate & Advanced students are welcome.

Don’t delay – book your place on this challenging and innovative course today.

This amazing course will be fully focussed on Trance and Trance Healing and we will explore every aspect of your development and by building on the relationship that you already have with Spirit.

Developing any form of Trance mediumship is complex and needs the true blending of the medium and Spirit to be successful.

Spend an afternoon and evening with Libby and Dr James to be taught healing directly from Spirit.

When was the last time you sat with a group of like-minded individuals and were able to discuss openly and freely your ideas about Trance?

When was the last time your trance state was observed and constructively supported to take another step forward in your development?

When was the last time you were able to ask questions directly of spirit about your development and then put it into practice?

Share a conversation with Libby’s Dr James and Michael to hear Spirits views on developing trance.

When was the last time as a healer you allowed spirit to have control and work fully in tune with your patient and flowed the energies totally.

This course is aimed at those who already have some knowledge or development of trance, you may even be working with your trance publicly but still feel there is more for you to achieve.

In the hallowed space that is Stansted Hall, we have the energies, the power and the beauty of working with Trance for Spirit and taking you on a journey of truth, light and spirit that will last far beyond the few days we spend together.

Tutors joining Libby on this course are, Sally Barnes & Tim Abbott

Home – The Arthur Findlay College

Friday 17th March – Monday 20th March

Switzerland – Private School

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Saturday 25th March – Saturday 1st April

Embracing the Spirit

The process of Trance occurs when we subdue our conscious minds, slowing down our thinking so that the Spirit World can impinge their minds on ours in order to establish their presence. In this state, we can be in touch with, and at one with, minds that influence, educate, uplift and inspire.

This is what we will endeavour to do for you during this week. As a team, we totally understand your needs and desires to move forward with your trance development. We will encourage you to strengthen the relationship between you and your Spirit team. However, to achieve this, you must be willing to work hard and let the Divine light of God shine within you.

Subjects to be covered are:

☆Trance Mediumship including Trance Healing

You will also have the opportunity to attend an experimental trance by Sharon Harvey. 

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