The book that many people have been encouraging me to write is finally here!!!

I have written and designed an exercise book that has approximately 40 exercises in it. exercises ranging from beginners through to intermediate and advanced. Each exercise i guide you through the exercise step by step.

This book covers many different aspects of mental mediumship, it has been designed as an unfolding educational exercise book, where as part of your development you could start at exercise 1 and progress through the exercises in adjacent and in harmony with your mediumistical development, or alternatively you could lift individual exercises out of the book to suit your needs.

Teachers of Mediumship who have previewed the book have commented, this is the book students of mediumship have been waiting for. This great book students will use again and again. what a refreshing book for mediumship and many more.


This is a teaching CD designed for you to accept and maximise the spiritual senses you use within both your psychic and mediumistical work.

CD by International teacher, Author and Medium Tim Abbott.

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