Fourth Exercise

Interacting with the Communicator

To get the best out of the communicator you will have to continusly interact with them during the sitting or demonstration. Like in any natural conversation between 2 individuals there are times when it is right for 1 ask the other questions and times when its not, so a very simple way to get used to doing this is to pair up ie; 1-1 sittings.

Decide who is going to be the medium first and who will be the recipient, whoever is the recipient they must give the medium a subject matter that they would like information about from the communicator. This must be presented as a one word statement, for example, “bike”, “ornaments” or “ironing”.

This must be given before the medium starts work. When the medium, and only when the medium has proven survival, ie the client knows who the communicator is, then the medium can ask the communicator for example, “can you give me a memory, a story or some evidence about a bike” once the medium has asked this they must allow their mind to be quiet so that they can more readily recieve the answer from the communicator, and then offer it up to the client.

This will encourange the medium to interact on a more natural level with the communicator.

Once the excercise is compleated then the mediums can change roles.

Each sitting should take approximatly 15-20 minutes.